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The Secrets of Ethiopian Cooking

The essence of Ethiopian cooking lies in the spices that vary from the fiery potent to the most delicate. Exotic spices and fresh herbs are cleverly combined to create the flavors that make food a delight in Ethiopian cuisine. Even more remarkable is the procession of vegetarian and vegan specialties, both familiar and unique.

Café Colucci uses the best organic, sundried, handpicked, heirloom and traditionally seasoned chili peppers, legume blends, herbs and spices. Our scintillating entrees are cooked to order to ensure freshness. Our vegetarian dishes are prepared delicately and are cooked daily. We bake our special blend Injera twice a day using Teff, an Ethiopian grain known for it's nutritious properties. Our freshly made 100% Teff Injera is perfect for the gluten free diet.