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This red-hot chili pepper & spices is the pivot of Ethiopian cuisine & is used as universal seasonings for most red sauce dishes.

This fiery mixture includes the most potent of Ethiopian peppers, fresh ground cardamom, and many herbs and spices.

A mild berbere mixed with Ethiopian Mustard. Served with sautéed meats

The unsalted sweet butter is melted and refrigerated separating the impurities about a third is discarded. It is then marinated with herbs and spices. After about a week it is cooked over low heat until it is crystal clear therefore the term clarified butter.

Mitten Shouro
This fine complex matter is made of powdered chickpea dried and finely ground garlic, onion and ginger.

Kinche Bulgur
Wheat may substitute injera. May be served with most sauces and sautés

Korerima Native Ethiopian Black Cardamom

Senafitch  Native Ethiopian Mustard